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Parents' Council

Hi from us all on the Bish Parents’ Council.  

We are currently a group of 27 members and we work closely with the school principals and teachers in helping them in any area that requires our participation. We also work on behalf of all the parents and are here if you feel there is a problem that we can help solve. We host a number of events during the year to facilitate parents and pupils.  Amongst these events are: The ‘Bish Big Breakfast’ which is open to all; ‘Career’s Day’ which is a half day event run for primarily 5th, 6th and TY students; we host information nights for parents; we have the great joy in organising ‘The Bish Graduation’ for our 6th year students heading out into the world and we conclude our yearly events in the summer with the Bish Golf AM AM which is open to all and is our prime fundraising event.  

We meet once a month in the school and we are always available and can be contacted on if there is anything that you feel needs to be discussed at these meetings. Any parent of a student can become a member of the Parents’ Council. We take names of interested parents at the beginning of the school year and if there are places open we put your name in for election at our AGM in September. We are a hard working Council that work for the good of the boys and we follow closely with the mantra of the school: ‘Love God, Work Hard and Take Care of One Another’. Great words to live by.


Valerie Davis Mahon - Chairperson

The Bish Parents’ Council



Parents Council members:

Chairperson - Valerie Davis Mahon

Vice Chairperson - Sinead McGinn

Secretary - Rebecca Cunningham

Communications Officer - Joanne McDermott

Treasurer - Bella Kostadinova

Board of Management Reps - Gillian Coughlan and Kieran Kavanagh

Parents Council Members - Ann Costello Toohey, Anne Marie Clancy, Caroline Duggan, Declan Monaghan, Diana Schirliu, Elizabeth Steede, Emer McCormack, Fiona Lennon, Ian Braithwaite, Manon O' Halloran, Maria Kostina, Mary Feerick Kennedy, Melissa Canny, Nadia Morris, Narmada Gopa, Orla Grogan, Rebecca Cunningham, Sheila O' Neill, Stefania Wall and Vincent Tormey. 

Valerie Davis Mahon - Chairperson


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