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Alumni and Archives

The Bish has a long history in Galway and we try to preserve this as best we can. We are in the process of scanning and archiving thousands of photographs dating back to the early 1900’s. Some of these photos are on display here on the website as are some of the old Bish Bombshells.

We love to hear from past pupils also and welcome input for our school magazine published in May of each year. We often receive articles and conduct interviews with alumni for publication. If you would like to get involved please send an email to


DVD's of Past Shows

DVD's are now available from the office for a whole host of Bish shows stretching right back to the eighties. Listed below are the shows now available on DVD. If you would like to order a copy, just give the office a call on  (091) 565 980

  • 1987 HMS Pinafore
  • 1991 Mikado
  • 1992 HMS Pinafore
  • 1993 The Merchant of Verice
  • 1994 Diarmuid & Grainne
  • 1997 Variety in Town Hall ( Parts 1 & 2)
  • 1998 Joseph
  • 1999 Godspell
  • 2003 The King and I
  • 2005 Oklahorma
  • 2006 The Pirates of Penzance
  • 2007 South Pacific


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