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Mission Statement - St. Joseph’s Patrician College Nuns’ Island Galway

St. Joseph’s College is a secondary school for male students only. Our mission is to create a safe learning environment where Catholic values are promoted and where each student is helped to reach his full potential and to qualify for the career of his choice.

Our Ethos is grounded on the Christian ideal of the dignity of the human person and the requirement of each person to love God and serve others, as expressed in our school motto –‘Pro Deo et Patria’ (‘For God and Country’). With the help of all our partners – students, parents, teachers, management and trustees – we aspire to create a learning environment which will encourage all to develop the whole person, to be inclusive, fair and balanced, to value truth, honesty, integrity and courage, to have compassion and self-discipline, to appreciate and develop their own unique talents, to recognise and address their own learning needs, to foster respect for other cultures, to enhance each other’s sense of dignity and self-worth, to take on responsibilities and to work within a team, to be generous in spirit within the school and the community, to uphold the school’s traditions of unity, scholarship and sporting excellence, to nurture a religious faith that integrates with ones daily life, to examine contemporary culture and values in the light of Christian beliefs, to respect the spiritual, cultural, learning and democratic heritage of our country, to view ones career in life as a service to others and a means of self-fulfilment.

Our aim is to provide a quality of education to each student that will help them to attain the academic standard necessary to embark on the career of their choice, in accordance with the policies and regulations of the Department of Education and Science. To combine the best of traditional and modern educational theory and developments in creating a learning environment which facilitates the intellectual and creative development of each student. To respond to the moral and spiritual development needs of students. To provide for the physical, emotional, social and personal development needs of all students by promoting and facilitating, on an inclusive basis, a wide range of sporting, cultural and other activities within the school, compatible with the resources of the school. To enrich the educational experience of students, as well as their future career development prospects, by establishing liaison procedures with other schools, with third level educational institutions and with other appropriate organisations in the social, cultural, economic and religious environment in which the school operates. To encourage the development of the Irish language, literature and music among students, staff and parents. To recognise that an effective student learning environment can only be created if the personal development needs of management, teachers and staff are also benefiting from such a learning environment. To promote a partnership between our students, parents, teachers, management, trustees and the Department of Education in order to ensure the physical well-being of all students and staff in achieving these aims, in the management of the school and in planning its future development. To develop the organisational structures, the information management systems and the liaison procedures necessary to achieve the aims of the school, to evaluate the effectiveness of the school and to provide for the forward planning of the school. To broaden the minds of our students and to increase their understanding and respect for other cultures by organising inter-cultural activities, student exchanges with other countries and sporting and cultural visits abroad.