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School Tours

The Bish prides itself on giving students many opportunities to learn outside the classroom.

In 2015, 5th Year students went to London where they saw a West End Show, enjoyed the sites and visited The Globe Theatre where they did a workshop based on their Shakespearian play. Also in 2015, the History Department travelled to Poland and Germany to learn about the Concentration Camps during WWII.

In 2017 a group of students went to Rome where they learned about art and architecture. They visited the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and the Vatican.

During Easter of 2019, a group of Transition Year and 5th Year students visited London again. Highlights included a walking tour of London taking in all the major attractions, the Eye, the Dungeons and the West End Show Wicked. 

Due to Covid-19, tours were cancelled but restarted at Easter 2023 with a trip to Paris. Students from TY and 5th Year travelled to the French capital and visited the Louvre, the Champ Elysees, the Stade de France and Disneyland.


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