Excursions and Field Trips

Every year, as part of the Geography programme for Leaving Certificate, students do a field study in The Burren or in Co. Galway. For Agricultural Science, students are brought to a farm and annually go to the Ploughing Championships. For the study of English there are many trips throughout Ireland to appreciate poetry and drama. Most recently Leaving Certificate students were brought to Dublin to the Seamus Heaney and W.B. Yeats exhibitions. The Irish and French departments have brought students to a number of plays and events which promote the spoken language.

Business and Economics students visit the Dáil and Central Bank each year while the Science department have strong links with NUIG and often use their facilities to see experiments being conducted.

Teachers in The Bish know the importance of learning outside the classroom and excursions and field trips are used to strengthen knowledge learned in class.





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