Chess Club

The Games Club continued again this year in the Computer room on Wednesday and Thursday lunch times. The Chess Club has been quite successful over the past few years and is growing in numbers. Anyone who wishes to join can meet at the Computer Room at the scheduled times or speak to Ms. Ní Fhéinne.

In 2019, the Senior Bish Chess Crew won the Connacht Chess Kings Cup from six year winners St. Gerard’s, Castlebar. The team consisted of Denis Ruchko, George Fearnhead, Aymen Elhadi, Richard Kong, Dara Colleran and Ilir Surdulli.

The Junior Bish Chess Crew placed join fourth in the Connacht Shield Chess Tournament. The team consisted of Philip Costello, Peter Gardiner, Dylan Shoer, Cian Grout and Aran Powell.


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