Guidance and Counselling

When you send your son to The Bish, we understand that you are entrusting us to support him as he navigates a time in his life between childhood and becoming an adult. Many teenagers experience difficulties during adolescence and to support your son during these times we have two guidance counsellors on staff. They are available to listen to and support your son with any difficulty he may have, whether it is school related or not. The guidance counsellors at The Bish have more available hours per week to meet with students or parents than any other secondary school in the county. If you or your son has any problem during his time at the Bish, you are always welcome to get in touch. Both guidance counsellors are full members of the I.G.C (Institute of Guidance Counsellors) and attend regular counselling supervision. They can be contacted at the following email addresses:


As well as the confidential counselling service, the guidance counsellors can also support your son with educational and career guidance in areas such as subject choice and helping him to explore career options. Strong links with NUIG and GMIT mean that the guidance counsellors promote and encourage students to attend talks and workshops regularly. The guidance counsellors also work closely with the Parents’ Council to arrange the Careers Fair each year for all senior cycle students. In Third Year, Fifth Year and Sixth Year, students have structured guidance classes with one of the guidance counsellors. All students are encouraged to meet with the guidance counsellors if any issue arises. The guidance counsellors regularly check in with class groups and liaise with Class Tutors and Year Heads.


Useful Resources:

While there is a low incidence of bullying here in the Bish, we are cognisant of it and have a strong policy in relation to it – it will not be tolerated. We speak to our students regularly about the effects of bullying and survey pupils a number of times each year. We are vigilant towards all forms of bullying and strive to ensure a safe and happy environment for all. Our Anti Bullying Policy can be found in the Policies Section of the website. Further useful links can be found under the Downloads Section under the Parents Tab on the website.

A copy of the Guidance Plan can also be found under the Policies Section of the website.



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