Bish vs Moneenageisha Drom, February 15th, 2011

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Bish vs Moneenageisha, Drom, February 15th, 2011

In the most exciting and nail biting game yet, the Bish faced Galway’s Moneenageisha in the Connacht Cup quarter final at home in Drom. The Bish needed the win to progress at this knockout stage, but it was a victory not easily achieved. After a disastrous start, Moneenageisha got off to an early lead, going 2 goals in front. Things turned around for the Bish, returning to form with a goal after twenty five minutes in, and another to close the half. It was proving to be one of the toughest games so far, and with possession switching back and forth, the Bish almost lost hold of the game.

After the break the Bish went in front after Brion Lee crossed the ball over Moneenageisha’s defence line, to Cian Morley, who saw the ball into the net to gain the lead. The Bish now in front for the first time started to control the field. A near perfect shot from Michael Costello saw the ball drift inches from the top corner, but minutes later Brian Alone was there to score the 4th Bish goal.

With only 10 minutes left in the game, a Moneenageisha free kick saw the start of a comeback with a third goal. After five minutes of injury time, coming into the 40th minute of a 35 minute half, a Moneenageisha striker on the counter, found the top corner of the Bish goal after a 1 v 1 with keeper Shane Conneely, for the second equaliser of the day. In the win or lose game, it had to go to extra time, where the worn out but still ambitious Bish side really shone.

Moneenageisha went down to 10 men in extra time. Brian Alone, even with an injured foot, was on hand to set up Shane Hulgraine to put the Bish into the lead for goal number 5. Hulgraine doubled up his scores rounding the last man, and with the keeper to beat, turned on his
right foot, blasting it home from just inside the box.

Final Score:     

Bish 6–4 Moneenageisha(AET)

Scorers: Josh Marvesley, Cian Morley (2), Brian Alone, Shane Hulgraine (2)

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