Bish V Jes, Drom Januray 28th 2011

soccerGroup Game 3             

Bish V Jes, January 28th, 2011

The Bish played their third match of the group against old rivals The Jes in a game where neither team showed any let up from the very first minute – The Jes proving to be the best opposition so far. Even with The Bish ‘constant pressing forward, and with several shots from the beginning from both teams, skilful saves combined with the new formation strategy, kept the score was kept at 0 – 0.

Less than minutes in, Captain Cian Morley rocketed the ball from over 35 yards out, flying over the defence and just out of the reach of the Jes goalkeeper, smashing the net. But the Bish had little time to celebrate as the Jes were hot on their heels eager to get the equaliser. True to form the Bish came out on top of the attack and countered, landing the ball at the feet of Brian Alone, in his new position up front and he didn’t disappoint, putting the scoreboard at 2 – 0.

With the minutes counting down, both times dug deep but the score remained the same, and the game finished with another win for The Bish. Outstanding play was on show once again from the Bish, a team now playing well above its own level.


     Final Score:     

Bish 2 – 0 Jes

Scorers: Cian Morley, Brian Alone

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