Bish Bash 2013

Bish Bash 2013 took place in the Town Hall Theatre over two nights in December. 

Despite a Boyband Invasion and an impromptu performance from Dolly Parton, the night was a huge success.


Tuesday Night's Prizes:

The 'Most Original Act' Award went to 'Planet J' - Shane Conneely, Bobby Keane, James Keane

The 'Best Visual Act' Award went to 'Streobeats' Hassan Taiwo, Gaby Okocha, Anthony Ojo

The 'Spirit of Bish Bash' Award went to Staphen Carroll.


Overall Winners:

3rd Place: James Keane playing a medley of songs on the Cajon Drum.

2nd Place: Planet J who performed an original adaptation of 'Stairway to Heaven'

1st Place: Cathal Murphy who performed Avici's 'Wake Me Up'


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