Bish Positive Mental Health week.



"Its okay not to be okay and its absolutely okay to ask for help"

During this week 9-14th October 2017, Bish students will take part in talks and workshops on diet, healthy eating and positive mental health.

The week ahead is packed with activities for all students ranging from mindfulness and exercise to group work and information sessions. It's sure to be a brilliant week.

We always have had great input from Aware, Samaritans, Jigsaw, Bodywhys, Cycle Against Suicide, Pieta House, Reachout and Teenline in preparation for the week and we wish to express our gratitude and appreciation for their continued assistance.

The coming week is about encouraging our students to speak up if they need help, to realise that it's ok not to be ok and it's absolutely ok to ask for help. There are so many organisations out there who are available to listen and a large extended staff at the Bish who are ready and willing to help.

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